Boutique is Better


Boutique business is small by design, and we can only give 100% of our attention to a limited number of clients and projects. We do not have the business model to chase quantity. We can only pursue quality, “high probability of success,” opportunities, and we must be successful at them.

A small firm quickly becomes an extension of your office. You delegate, we execute and report back to you. There are no levels of bureaucracy or hierarchy to take away from the client experience and sales process. All of the inefficiencies are minimized, and you have a direct line into the market.

Beyond the intrusiveness of dealing with your home and economics, it may comfort you to know that a deeply personal process is being handled away from the extra eyes, ears, and hands of a larger office, the boisterous sales types, their assistants, interns, admin, social media, and so on. We can be public about the sale of your property and private with your business.

We are fiercely independent and owe no favors. There is no need for us to “play nice” for office, company, or industry politics. There is no sales manager and sales quotas; there are no shareholders. There is no one to listen to but you.

Because all people and property are necessarily unique, it’s important to have a high level of flexibility, creativity, and accommodation in this business. As a small entrepreneurial firm, we excel at tailoring plans and experiences and adjusting them to accommodate any situation. For example, we make every important business decision and do all of the marketing, advertising, and design work in-house, outsourcing very little of it.

Same, but different
Your property will be listed on the same local multiple listing service (MLS) and on the same media where buyers go to find property for sale in New York City. Every agent and local brokerage will have the same notice of the sale and the same invitation to co-broke the sale with us. The most powerful tools we use to “make the market” for your property are the same as the big brokerages. We’re the same, but different.

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